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Tracy Staton is the editor of FiercePharma. She has been a freelance writer for five years, but before that served as editor of the Dallas Business Journal, editor of Texas Business magazine, and a senior editor at American Way, the inflight magazine of American Airlines. She is based in Vermont, and can be reached at or find her on LinkedIn.

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No big thrill from Novartis in Q1, just a 'solid' $14B in sales

After Tuesday's precedent-setting deal announcement, today's earnings release from Novartis had to be an anticlimax. And it was: Adjectives used to describe the results were unexciting words like "solid" and "flat" and "nice" and "largely in line."

AstraZeneca CEO jumps into asset-sale fray to 'focus on what we do well'

In announcing first-quarter earnings Thursday, AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot sounded as if he'd been reading the deluge of trend stories analyzing pharma's latest spate of M&A. In fact, he's ready to participate, with a couple of sales/spinoffs together worth about $15 billion, according to analysts

Should Amgen join the biopharma breakup party? Analyst says maybe

Now that the Big Pharma breakup craze has moved down the drugmaker food chain to Baxter International, should Big Biotech jump on the trend? Maybe one of that group, an analyst suggests. As Forbes reports, Bernstein analyst Geoffrey Porges figures Amgen offers a decent opportunity for a breakup.

Biogen revenue leaps 50% on blockbuster-level Tecfidera sales

Launched last April, Tecfidera racked up more than a half-billion dollars in sales for the first quarter of this year. That puts its cumulative total at $1.38 billion--well within blockbuster territory.

Payer revolt notwithstanding, Gilead's Sovaldi earns crown as fastest drug launch ever

We can officially say that Gilead Sciences pulled off the fastest drug launch on record. First-quarter sales of the company's new hepatitis C drug Sovaldi (sofosbuvir), approved in December, blew past previous records and just kept going. And along the way, it broke the blockbuster barrier, too.

Big Pharma, Google wants you to go viral on YouTube

The champions of digital marketing pounded their chests in dismay earlier this month, when 2013 DTC-spending stats showed online ads on the wane. Down by 14%, and the numbers were pretty paltry to begin with. No wonder, then, that Google is lobbying the pharma business on YouTube's behalf.

Pfizer to plunk down $190M to wrap up Neurontin class action

In the latest settlement of a Big Pharma-delays-generics case, Pfizer has agreed to pay $190 million to wrap up a class-action suit over its seizure drug Neurontin. More than a decade old, the lawsuit claimed that Pfizer did some fast tap-dancing to prolong its Neurontin monopoly.

Novartis, GSK team up in consumer JV to save big money, gain big scale

Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez is on record saying he's "a big fan" of the company's consumer health business. But that doesn't mean he has to run it. The Swiss drugmaker gets to have its consumer health and hand it off, too, in a new joint venture with GlaxoSmithKline.

$16B deal for GlaxoSmithKline oncology meds turns Novartis into cancer heavyweight

Why would GlaxoSmithKline sell most of its cancer business to Novartis? In today's deal announcement, that particular sale stands up for questioning.


Eli Lilly's Elanco snags Novartis' animal health unit in $5.4B deal

Novartis has agreed to sell its veterinary products business to Eli Lilly, whose Elanco unit is among the biggest players in animal health, for about $5.4 billion