The U.K. government slapped Pfizer with a record price-gouging fine for triggering a 2,600% price increase on an epilepsy drug.

People with diabetes are waiting too long to discuss vision problems with their doctors, according to a new study funded by Bayer.

Celgene’s Revlimid just can’t catch a break in the chronic lymphocytic leukemia market—and one analyst isn’t sure it ever will.

With new IVI funding, Inovio plans to ratchet up research on its MERS vaccine, the only candidate against the virus now under testing in humans.

World drug spending heads for $1.5 trillion by 2021, report says, as new meds drive spending—and pricing debate spreads.

Teva's generics CEO, Siggi Olafsson, is jumping ship at a critical time, and analysts fear that the $40.5 billion Actavis integration will go off the…

AZ’s lung cancer med Tagrisso, a key pillar in the company’s big sales ambitions, held off cancer growth for twice as long as chemo in a new phase 3 trial.

Sanofi has held firm on its M&A requirements since first quoting them last year: Bolt-ons all the way up to a buy a la its $20 billion Genzyme pickup.…